Wholesale Famous Patek Philippe Calatrava 5180/1R Skeleton Watch Hands-On Replica Watches Buy Online

Based on Stern, there are 3 types of feminine Patek Philippe customers.A woman whose husband has worn out a Patek Philippe for many years, and that believes, I would also like to get a wonderful automatic watch. I have seen my husband wearing it, I understand it, I like it, but I would like a women’ design.Then you’ve got the technical woman. She understands the technical aspect, she is successful, she doesn’t need anybody to give her a watch. She has a quartz watch maybe, but she needs something different. She’s the one looking for a drawback. She is willing to have a chrono or something like that, but with a ladies’ fit.The third one is the next generation customer. They are also ready to have an automated motion, but something more simple and practical for every day, with no diamonds and with an automatic motion. The most appropriate ones are around the side. In addition, I have to be quite careful since I should not alter my own strategy to design something only for them. We have to suggest something pleasant for them without dropping all of the rest.Says S

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