Two-sided Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Replica

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical 3600 replica

This is the VC Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical Grand Complication replica, and it’s the most complicated wristwatch Vacheron has ever created.

The watch offers 15 indications on the front dial and another 8 indications on the back dial, including a patented sky chart. Also from Vacheron Constantin, which continues to push the watchmaking innovation envelope, is the Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical – also valued at $1 million. The one-of-a-kind two-sided Vacheron Constantin replica wrist watch houses the 3600 movement and was five years in the making. It boasts 23 different functions and multiple timing systems, each with its own gear train. A single master watchmaker in the brand’s bespoke department built the 514-part movement.

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia watch replica
Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestia watch replica

In brief, the watch’s 23 functions include: calendar and moonphase indication that shows day, date, month, leap year, perpetual calendar, day/night indication, precise moon phase and age of moon. Solar functions, including equation of time and running equation of time, sunrise, sunset, length of day, length of night, seasons, solstices, equinoxes and zodiac signs, tide level indicator and a Sun-Earth-Moon conjunction, opposition and quadrature, Celestial chart with northern hemisphere indication of the Milky Way, tourbillon and three weeks of power reserve.

This is where, in both pocket and wristwatches with astronomical complications, you would usually find a star chart if you were going to find one at all, and that’s where VC quite logically put one as well. The sky chart is made of two separate disks of sapphire, and it shows the stars currently above the horizon, the position of the Milky Way, sidereal time, the tourbillon (which is not a complication per se but there it is if you’re looking for it), indications showing the location of the celestial equator and plane of the ecliptic, and, on the far left, an unusual gauge-like power reserve. On the back of the Les Cabinotiers Celestia Astronomical copy watch we have even more.

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