Promotion: The Masculine Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-Thin Copy Watch

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-Thin replica watch

On discovering the reinvigorated Ultra-Thin Vacheron Constantin Overseas replica watch collection at SIHH 2016, one thing I could not stop marveling over is how intelligent it is.

When I asked Vacheron Constantin CEO Juan-Carlos Torres about his personal relationship to the Overseas, the answer was not what I had expected to hear. “I think it’s not [about] emotion,” he answered in his typically excited way. “It’s perspective . . . Overseas is the emotion of what you do. It’s more a companion.”

If you have ever tried to change your own strap, you will know that it is all too easy to slip with the tool and scratch the you-know-what out of your case (I speak from experience here). So when that new lever system came in, I was all for it. I actually own a watch that has one built in (and I have a set of four changeable straps to go with it), and I can say that it is miles better than trying to use a tool.

And therefore, while I would dearly love to begin my examination of the collection with the new chronograph movement, I am not going to. I will start with the element that is certainly the first thing that a prospective new buyer will notice and that perhaps creates the most feeling of the steel fake VC Overseas being a companion: the strap change system.Yes, I describe this new line as intelligent. The refresh, which includes five new models (making a total of 12 references), couldn’t have turned out better.

Strap change systems have been around for a few years. I first noticed them when Jaeger-LeCoultre and Frédérique Constant brought them in about ten years ago. The system usually involves a little lever on the underside of the strap that moves the spring bar to the side, allowing the wearer to change his or her own straps without resorting to the same kind of strap-change tool that watchmakers use.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-Thin replica watch
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-Thin replica watch

Nonetheless, it is still finicky and requires quite a bit of dexterity and slim fingers or strong fingernails. I do find that the older I get (and the worse my eyes become), the harder it becomes to use. And I will also confess having broken a nail over it before (okay, guys, not cool to roll your eyes at that one – it’s actually a problem).

Following the introduction of 2015’s Harmony collection (see Vacheron Constantin’s Harmony Collection: Poetry In Chronographic Motion), a line of elegant timers in precious-metal cushion-shaped cases, the Geneva icon turns to refreshing the best Swiss Vacheron Constantin Overseas replica watch, its only “everyday” timepiece, a more rugged sporty watch exuding its own special brand of elegance.

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