Introduce The Complicated Vacheron Constantin Overseas Watch Replica

Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch replica

Two years after celebrating the Overseas’ tenth anniversary, Vacheron Constantin has added two new Vacheron Constantin Overseas replica models to this line, which is dedicated to the spirit of travel.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch replica
Vacheron Constantin Overseas watch replica

They are also ideal for anyone looking for a time-measuring instrument that reflects their character: dynamic and sporty, elegant and distinguished. Vacheron Constantin’s two exceptional new models – the Overseas Dual Time and the pink gold Overseas Chronograph – are both invitations to travel. The well-named Overseas is the line for frequent travellers, a line that crosses land and sea, that transcends time-zones. Since their launch in 1996, mens fake Vacheron Constantin Overseas watches have been faithful companions to international travellers who appreciate technical and aesthetic excellence.

The watch Overseas Dual Time, combining useful functions with a diamond setting, and a new pink gold version of the now-famous Overseas Chronograph.

Bearing the code name 222, its one-piece case featured a screw-down “porthole” bezel, creating a robust entity designed for intensive use in a hostile environment. Equipped with an integrated bracelet, the watch 222 had highly legible luminous hands and hour-markers and was offered in gold, steel or a combination of both. Thanks to a crown protected by two water-resistant gaskets, the watch 222 was water-resistant to 120 metres. And what was rare for the period, the case was fitted with an anti-magnetic shield.Since 1973, Vacheron Constantin has established itself as a pioneer of the ultra-functional stainless steel timepieces that the period craved, to such a degree that the Overseas is now one of the most successful watches in its category. It was hardly a surprise when the brand marked its 222nd anniversary in 1977 with the launching of a rather unusual steel watch.

Travel and the desire to explore the world has always been part of the Vacheron Constantin spirit. Jacques Vacheron started the trend in 1810, travelling throughout Europe and selling his watches to the rich and powerful. As the manufactory expanded, his journeys became longer and more frequent. François Constantin, who took over in 1819, travelled even further afield, presenting the brand’s masterpieces around the world. About 1930, the brand noticed that a good number of its customers were regularly crossing the seas and oceans on business or for pleasure. Its response was a stainless steel watch for active, enterprising travellers, brought out in 1932.

Contemporary in spirit and absolutely functional, the watch 222 was the first quality watch to be designed for travel and adventure, and can be legitimately viewed as the precursor of the high quality Vacheron Constantin Overseas copy line.

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