The Most Complicated Vacheron Constantin Vladimir Replica Watch For Sale

Vacheron Constantin Vladimir Replica watch

The Vacheron Constantin Vladimir replica supersedes the complexity of the Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile copy which was launched in 2005 by VC as “the most complicated wristwatch in the world”.

Vacheron Constantin Vladimir Custom replica
Vacheron Constantin Vladimir Custom replica

In 2005 Vacheron released what this Vacheron Constantin Vladimir replica piece is based on, the most complex fake Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile. A limited production super watch that someone wanted to be even fancier (and more exclusive). It is the most complex replica watches in the world.

The 47mm wide case is in 18k pink gold and the client wanted custom engraved animals around the sides of it. These are meant to represent the Chinese zodiac characters and look really nicely done. There is more gold on the dial, and all that lovely engraving and texturing (the dial itself is 18k white gold and hand machine guilloche engraved). I like the dauphine hour and minute hands much more than those on the non-Vladimir model.

Vacheron Constantin Vladimir Custom replica watch
Vacheron Constantin Vladimir Custom replica watch

With about 900 parts the caliber 2750 manually wound movement is amazing. Vladimir needed something a bit more fancy, so VC added a running week counter (which tracks which of the year’s 52 weeks you are in). In addition to that I think that this piece unique model improves on the dial of the complicated fake Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile watch in most every way. The dial is nicer, the hands are more attractive, the design is more polished, the colors are more luxurious, and the case overall is pretty awesome. It is like a celestial temple on your wrist.

The most complicated fake Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile Vladimir watch in-house Vacheron Constatin caliber 2750 movement.

According to Vacheron Constantin watch replica it took over 20 experts to create this one watch.

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