Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon Mother-of-pearl/Falcon Dial Replica Watch

Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon replica watch

The Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon replica watch is a miniature piece of art rather than a comfortable watch. Which is not true as it is comfortable:

An 18K rose gold case measuring 40 millimeters and a brown (or if you want black) leather strap. That’s not really unique and wears comfortable. Which is why they don’t have a price for this time piece; it depends on the final version. But the hand-painted miniature on the mother-of-pearl dial is too delicate to wear it every day. Besides that, Arnold & Son offers to set the bezel with diamonds if you like.

Reading through the press materials on this one-of-a-kind piece, I couldn’t figure out why Arnold & Son was producing this mother-of-pearl/falcon dial. Aside from Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art copy watch’s long history of royal clockmaking, there isn’t any strong connection between the watchmaker and the noble pastime of falconry.

Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon replica watch
Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon replica watch

I’m sure that’s a reasonably priced, very tasteful upgrade. It’s certainly appropriate for a watch that celebrates a sporting pastime. The brown alligator strap, however, seems like a more reasonable choice for such a watch. And I can certainly imagine the un-bedazzled version on the wrist of a gentleman falconer.

Well, it’s a motive.They have made other hand-painted Métiers d’Art pieces over the years that celebrate the sea-going history of the company as a pioneer in marine navigation, which makes sense. But here, I was stumped.

While the dial is supposed to be the star of this show, the movement soars for me. I’m sure that the hand-painted miniature falcon is stunning in person; in pixel it looks like a commemorative plate. The ultra-thin A&S1001 in-house manual packs 90 hours of power in 30 mm x 2.70 mm and it is of course beautifully finished. The 40-mm 18k-karart rose gold case has a sapphire back to show off the handiwork.

Birds, together with skulls, are a popular theme on dials. This Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon has a hand-painted falcon on its dial. Together with the white mother-of-pearl background it almost transforms in a fascinating painting. Ladies’ Arnold & Son replica created this watch to ‘to celebrate this majestic bird of prey’.

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